I  desperately  need your help

as many of you  no   use a  communication aid  to talk and   to   do things    like every  one   eg  go on  the  internet  ( write  this  blog,)   hang  out  with  my  friends    etc

 the reason   ive  not  posted  is   because  this  cimmunication  aid     its    no  repaiable!    and   wasnt  in  warrenty   

also  the  company   who  made  it   went  bankrupt    over  six years  ago.
here  where   you  come in
i  need  to  get  a  new  communication aid     which  will    be    upto date   and  let  me    carry on  living.

the new    device  is  called  
tobii  dynavox i  12 +
it  will  let  me    do  everything     i need  and  more


turn tv   on  off

turn   fan   , cable     set top box  , make  a phone call,  email   txt  message   go  on  the  internet  ,

paint  ,  play games   even    go  college

and turn   the  kettle  on  to make  coffe   ( no joke)

basically  if  the  item  i  want to  use  has  a remote  i  can  controll it

infact  it  can open  the  doors   for me  

basically    give  me  the  freedom    i  deserve 

you  can  help  by Sian’s Computer   and  donatiing  

as  i  cant   get  this  device  funded   by  our   nhs    

here  the   device   in  action  

having  this   new   communication  aid   device   means   i  can    do this  blog    and  be  me  again  

here  i am  useing  the  eyegaze  (  the   red  circle  )  on  the   i 12   with  my  eyes  to  type  

ive  also  

painted  and  took  photos   on  the  i 12

the   version of  the  device   i will be  gettting  is  a  tobii-dynavox  i – 12  +

which  is  the  latest  and most  uptodate  version   i  can  get.

you  cant  buy this   in   a computer  shop    it  is  specially  made  and   calibrated to my needs

please  please  help

donate    Sian’s computer


pencils  pencils  pencils 

first  off    i  am   not  sponsered    by  the  companys   who  make  these pencils   and  its  up  to u  if  u  buy  them  or not.

this  is   just   how i feel about  them.

test  is   as  follows    colour     5 x5 cm  square     wipe   over   finished  square  3 times  with  dry  cotten bud  

see   what  comes  off  page  .  marks  out of  5       (  1  worst     –  5  best)

faber castell  24 classic  pack   ( in  tin)

        doing   test   24  x   as  thats   all the  pencils     pencil   was  left  on  cotten  bud     score  3
Prisma  colour  24  ( in tin)  pack

    test   done  24  times   no  pencil  left  on  cotten bud    score  5   only  problem  with  my  set  was   to sharpen them  i had to  hold  and  push  at an angale      to  get   them  to sharpen    at  first  they didnt  break  when  colouring   the  weight   is  just  right   . 

 stadilar  24  color  desk top pack

    test  done  24  times very little     pencil left  on  cotten  bud  score   3
fiber catell  polyochomos

    test   done  with   all 24  pencills      score    0  as   alot   of  pencill  was  on  cotten bud
bic  kids

         test  done  12 times    score  4
Bic  contin

     test  done  24  times     pencill left  on  cotten  bud     score 3     also   hard  to  choose  pencil  due  to  wood  coloured  black    and  makes   hard    as  in  tray of  tin  is  black .  friend  loves  them  .

  test  done  with all 12 pencils     almost  no  colour  on  cotten bud   , score  4   
kohn on     woodless  pencils     these  are  great   but  pencil  came off on  cotten bud   score  3
im  in a few   art/ adult  colouring  book  groups  and   the   member  were  saying    the  standford   prisam  prime  pencils were  fantastic   .  i  didnt  want  to  believe  the  hype  .  but  in  this  case  the group was  right  .  i  have  used  either  dewent  , faber castell  or kol no     pencils   for   years  and  didnt  want  to  believe   that there  was something  better.
looks  like  i  found  a new  brand    the prisma  primer colour  pencils    are  made  by the   same  people who make  papermate   pens   i think .